Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Waiting sucks

Sorry if that title offended you but that is the way I feel right now. Waiting is one of those things that God allows us to go through during several times in our life and each of those times are not fun. Now I know the outcome many times is great but the waiting game is not a game I like to play. From the time I was a little kid and opened all of my Christmas Presents early and then re-wrapped them so my parents could not tell I have hated waiting. Well the problem magnifies when you are a church planter because it seems like this gig is full of waiting. Waiting for the people to come, waiting for the finances to grow, waiting for a building to materialize. We are always waiting.
Now please do not get me wrong you cannot say that you want to start a church and have the whole "Field of Dreams" mentality If you build it they will come. Because that is absolutely stupid, you have to work at it and make sure that you have something that people will want to come to. Now I know the first response to this notion is that we must be watering down the gospel if people like what we do. Well I would ask those critiques to look at the life of Jesus He always drew a crowd where ever He went because the message He was teaching was compelling.
OK I will get off o my hobby horse and get back to waiting. During this process of moving into a new building I am learning that waiting can be very liberating and when I wait and do not kick down doors that I want to be opened God starts doing what only HE can do and the doors just start to open. Now I am not saying that everything is a done deal with any of the building that we are looking at but some cool things are happening in on waiting period. I would just ask that if you attend Relevant or are a person who prays for Relevant that you would continue to do so because the leadership team really needs it right now.
The best days of Relevant are still to come. In fact at our elders meeting yesterday we discussed just how much we have grown over the past year and here is what we found out. We are averaging 100 people more per week right now that we were last year at this time. Yeah God that is awesome. So maybe we are not waiting maybe we are riding a wave of God that is amazing.
Our current series "Exposed" has generated more emails that virtually any other series we have done. I think that this is because we are dealing with stuff that we all have problems with. And let me tell you the next two weeks are going to be no different. We are tackling Fear this week and Addiction the week after and let me tell you it is going to be tense but good so make sure you are here both weeks.
Sorry if you have been waiting on the blog on the cussing courtesy driver but after my own message last week I decided not to write about it. But I will have a new post tomorrow on Sharing your faith.


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