Monday, April 28, 2008

FYI message follow-up

WOW!!! Yesterday was amazing at Relevant. I know that I told you that I would post some more Bible study helps for you today so here goes. I am going to give you the sketch outline from yesterday to make sure that you follow the proper format when approaching the Bible for Study.

1. Remember that you have to read it if you are going to ever get anything out of it
    • Read about what you dealing with right now.
      • anger
      • pride
      • lust
      • patience
      • questions about God
      • etc
A great source for this is Path Lights.

2. Find out the meaning of the passage that you are reading.
    • Ask the following questions
      • Who? is in the story? is it written too? wrote it?
      • What? is it about? kind of culture is it? type of people are they?
      • Where? are the people located? is the writer?
      • When? did the story take place?
      • Why? was the story written, did the situation happen?
A great resource for this type of bible study is God Squad .

This form of Biblical study is call the inductive Bible Study Method for a detailed program of inductive Bible Study Methods check out Into Thy Word.

3. Apply what you have read
    • Remember Information without application will never lead to transformation and the reason the Bible was written was for our transformation.
    • Application happens when you see your story as it related to the stories in the Bible not as you place yourself into the stories of the Bible.
4. Model what you have learned, examined, and applied
    • as we model what we have learned others will catch on as well.
    • people cannot follow what is not modeled.
I hope that this will help each of you continue in your journey with Jesus.

Remember what Starbucks says about what they supply.
  • flavors our senses
  • sweetens my disposition
  • stirs my imagination
  • nourishes my dreams
If Starbucks can do all of that I wonder what God could do in our lives if we would feast on His word.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Things I learned at Leadership Live day 1

This has been an amazing 24 hours so far. I told Susie last night it is hard to put into words everything that i have learned.  But I thought I would put down a few of the highlights from yesterday.

  • The most dangerous person on your team is not the one who opposes you it is the one who is just out of alignment
  • people follow for a variety of reasons
some because of your marriage
some because of your education 
some because of you life stage

  • people will watch how I handle conflict 
  • people will leave for as many reasons as they came to you church
  • team will out perform individuals every time
  • Every leader must get a stranglehold on what they are not good at
  • where you step today will be where you stand tomorrow so make sure you are careful where you step
  • The easier the product is to access the more people will utilize it 
This is how to get your volunteers to reproduce what you want
  • people model what gets noticed
  • people model what get celebrated
  • What get celebrated and noticed gets replicated
Well there are a few things from day one it has been incredible so far I cannot wait to learn more today.  Here is what I think is the most amazing thing about the SMT at Granger they are just real guys who are doing ministry together and want to help others.  They are approachable.  WOW that is a huge difference from other SMT's of other large churches.

More later.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It has been a while

I know it has been a while but quite frankly I had to take a break with all of the stuff going on with the 30 day sex challenge. That was some crazy stuff let me tell you. I was thrilled at the opportunity God gave us but I really am glad it has slowed down. I have been spending some time with the family recently. Susie and I went to Costa Rica for 4 days and then we took the kids to Disney for spring break. It was an awesome time of refreshing. We just launched a new series called "TXT" it seems to be going great and we are working on our next two series after that "sweatin with the 80's" and our summer movie series. Both of these should be great. Well I have a leadership thing I am going to share tomorrow. Just thought I would say God has been great here and Relevant is still the best place in the world to serve.