Thursday, November 8, 2007

It is Finally Fall

Well Fall has finally arrived here in Tampa and it is awesome. I know some of you live in the north and fall has already come and gone and now you are staring down 3 to 4 months of winter. Well I just want to say here in Florida we have summer and fall and that is just fine with me. With Fall comes the anticipation of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. And this year is no different my kids are already getting out the Toys r Us catalog and picking out the toys that they want for Christmas. It is funny Anthony has a total of $3000 worth of toys picked out. I quickly told him he may need to scale it back by about 95%.
There is something else that I notice during this time of year. I seem to slow down a bit. You know when the weather is nice outside I do not find myself walking so fast from one place to another I just seem to stroll and enjoy the day. Which is quite unusal for me. This got me to thinking is this what it meant that Adam and Eve walked with God in the cool of the day. I wonder if in the garden the weather was like fall where it is cool enough for a jacket but so nice you wanted to stay as long as possible. I can honestly say that my time with God is not often like this where I just want to hang with him as long as possible. Often time mine is more like "drive-thru Jesus" where I order my spiritual life to go and try to make that work.
I guess all I am saying is that during this season I am going to try to take more strolls with God and just enjoy his company. Maybe you will join me.