Friday, December 12, 2008

relevant update 12.13

Well here it is my update about this weekend at Relevant and my first duathalon enjoy. BTW no comments about the spandex that is what we duathletes wear. ha ha

Friday, December 5, 2008

relevant update 12.5

Paul's update for Friday 12.05.08

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Disney and Creativity

So many of you who follow my twitter know that me and the family were at Disney last week and I picked up a few leadership/ creative things that I thought I would share.

1. "Customer Service"- some get it while others live for it. Here is what I mean. Disney is one of those place that has the mantra "to make people happy" Now that is simple and concise and many of their employees get this concept not all but most and because of it. Me and my family always leave saying that Disney is one of the Happiest places on earth.

Q- why don't we strive for the same thing at our churches. I think many people leave most churches feeling like they were imposing on the group that is always there rather than feeling like what was going on was designed for them. great Job Relevant you guys rock on this front. I would put our first impressions team up against any church in America.

2. Creativity, dreams and imagination. One thing that happens every time I go to Disney is my creativity and imagination are thrown into overdrive. I always leave wondering what can we do more creative at church for the author of creativity God.

Q- I think most people still leave church every Sunday saying that was the most boring place on earth. We can and should be changing this and I am so proud of our creative team here at Relevant. I do not think anyone has ever walked out of here saying it was boring.

3. Fanatical attention to consistency and detail- I noticed something about Disney this past week not from the park but from a TV show owned by Disney "Extreme Home Makeover" this past week I watched as designers spent painstaking hours pouring over the details of each room of a house to make sure that they got ever detail correct so that when the child or parent returned their experience would be magical. Then they went over the top by doing the extra thing that did not need to be done but sent it over the edge. That is what Disney does consistently and that is why people go there over and over again.

Q- When was the last time your church or leadership team became fanatical about the consistency and details of your ministry. I think this principle right here would change dramatically our view and production in ministry.

Hope that this has inspired you. I know for me I cannot wait to go back, but I also can't wait to have another Sunday to be creative, to be a fanatic, and to serve our people. That is what Jesus modeled and that is what my desire is for Relevant Church.