Thursday, September 6, 2007

I am back

I know all three of you who read this blog are so happy. HA HA Well I am sorry it has been a while since my last blog actually 3 months and I know in blog world that is a huge no non because no one ill continue to read your stuff if you do not keep posting. However, I thought this whole blog thing was for me not for everyone else. This is my place to mind dumb now I know some of you are saying so Paul you have not had anything to mind dump in 3 months. Well no but you need to understand that I am the worst typer in the universe. I think i am the only quite computer literate person who cannot type in the whole world. However, I will try to jot down at least a few things each week to keep everyone posted on the progress of me and our awesome church Relevant.

So about me. Well Susie and I had an awesome summer we spent 2 weeks at the beach with our kids one in Daytona and one on Anna Maria Island on the Gulf Coast. WOW that was awesome except for me trying to surf again which I had not done in 8 years. Let's just say I suck at surfing now. Not that I was good before, however my son Anthony is a natural he did awesome. Speaking of Anthony he is now playing football. Although I a not sure if his ADD distracts him in his quest to play. Sometimes at practice when he is playing linebacker is see him staring at the grass. Go figure like father like son. He is doing awesome in my eyes. Ashlyn is amazing she seems to be learning more each day and 80% of the time she is a real treasure. However, the other 20% she is still a treasure but the joy in the treasure seem to be buried in here stuburnness. Maybe you know what I mean. Susie and I are dong great working on our 18 year of marriage WOW it does not seem possible. Susie is really amazing. I do not know how she takes care of our home and kids and also does all of the stuff I ask her to do for the church. She is the best wife ever.

So about relevant. Well it has been one of the greatest summers we have ever had of course it is only the third but it has been great for a couple of reasons. i will bullet point them and briefly explain.
  • We did not take a vacation from church this summer- Here is what I mean many churches feel like summer is a low time of the year so they coast through without programming anything creative therefore no one feels like they will miss anything if they are gone. Why should they come. We did two of the best series we have ever done this summer as far as I am concerned and the results are in and they are awesome.
    • we had 115 first time guest this summer
    • we had 12 people receive Christ
    • we baptized 20 people in July
    • we averaged over 250 people each week
    • we launched preview Sunday night services that were well attended
    • we launched 14 new growth groups in August
  • We have a staff that knocks it out of the park every week. I can honestly say that in all of my years of ministry I am working now with the hardest working team that I have ever worked with. Carl (worship dude extrodinare check out his new CD on i-tunes) yes he is amazing, Jamie, Jason you guys are truly amazing and I am blessed to work with all of you. You rock. BTW i did give them vacation over the summer. I am not that cruel.
  • Satan was working me over. I know some of you are saying how does that make the summer great. Well when Satan is working me over then God must have some great things in store and He did. I feel more excitement about the future of Relevant then ever before. Yeah God.
Well that is about it for now. You can pray for us as we launch our Sunday night service every week this Sunday. Check out the video for it here.

Have an awesome week.