Friday, May 4, 2007

criticism and fear

Well another week has come and gone and if you are like me it has been full of so many opportunities to criticize it is scary. Just last night as I arrived home and washed my wife's van I was beginning to sense the critical spirit rise up in me. You know the thoughts: why do you not keep your vehicle cleaner, why do you let the kids tear the van up, why do you.... These thoughts always seem to be fueled by my own since of stress. As Susie and I were heading to Starbucks this morning for coffee, she said you know Paul isn't it strange that on the National Day of Prayer and the day before you have a huge meeting we are fighting rather than praying. WOW!! That hit me right between the eyes. Maybe you have been there? On the days when you should pray you seem to fight. So all I have to say is "Justin I hope you are still praying for me because you were covered last night." (HAHA) Sorry only my buddy Justin will get that.
This weekend we are heading straight into another topic that all of us deal with, FEAR. Yes that is right at some point in all of our lives we all look fear right in the face. Jamie was telling me last week that his son Ethan has just had his first dose of real fear. It was the infamous dragon around the side of the house. Remember when you were 3 and the dragon around the corner existed so you ran and got dad to get rid of the dragon. Well as any good dad would do Jamie went around the corner and took care of the dragon. However, because we dads want to begin the dragon fighting training early, Jamie shared with his son Ethan how to get rid of the dragons for himself. He told him "just say to the dragons in a stern voice BADA-BING!!!" I guess Jamie has been watching a little to much Sopranos . Don't you wish it was that easy with your fears I sure do. Well this week we are going to look at the spiritual BADA-BING and see if we can't get some control of some of our fears.
I look forward to seeing all of you this Sunday.

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