Monday, April 2, 2007

Beach Baptism

Well yesterday marked our 4th beach baptism that we have done here at Relevant. And I will have to say it was one of the most memorable events I have ever been a part of. We do something here that is uniquely us when we move our whole service to the beach. Now I know many churches do beach baptism but I do not know of many that move their whole service to the beach. Our band did an amazing job leading worship with the Gulf of Mexico as a backdrop. When they went into the song "How Great is Our God" I was overwhelmed at just how great our God really is and the fact that He would allow us to partner with Him in His work.
I pinch myself sometimes because I get to do this job with the most amazing staff in the whole world. I am serious I have been on staff at a lot of churches but I can not think of any staff that is better than ours or works harder than ours does they are awesome. So Carl, Jamie, Jason, Susie, Kristin, and Carly THANK YOU for making ministry so much fun. Let's do this till Jesus comes.
Now back to the baptism. It was so awesome to hear the stories of people who a year ago were not thinking about church or a relationship with Jesus but because of Relevant their relationship with Christ and their community at Relevant are the most important things in their life. I do not know of a more incredible thing to witness than when someone who has had a major life change comes out of the water of baptism. I guess you just have to see it. So check out the media section of our web site this week we will be uploading the pics and some video of this event. God is so amazing.

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