Thursday, March 15, 2007

home away from home

I found it. I found it. Yes I am some 750 miles from home in Ybor City but I have found home. Susie an I left Sunday right after the second service and headed the mini van north toward Gatlinburg TN and two gas breaks and one potty break later we were here in 10 hours. Hwever, upon my arrival I began my search for home. Yet to my dismay there is no home in Gatlinburg. I know that many of you are asking right now "what Home?" well it would be my Starbucks home. You see Starbucks has become that sort of third place for me where I experience some really cool community and I was missing it because the closest Starbucks to Gatlinburg is 30 minutes away. Bommer!!! Well God obviously must understand how good a Pumpkin Spice Latte is because yesterday my brother-in-law secured a new condo that is just 3 blocks from my home away from home. So here I sit, sipping my pumpkin spice latte while blogging it does not get better than this. While sitting here I am reminded that our desire here at Relevant is that people would think of Relevant as their third place. You know that place where you can grab a cup of joe and have some community with people who really care about you. I am so thankful during this time of year because I experience that feeling every week when I enter the doors of Relevant. I have the best job in the world. Have an awesome Thanksgiving and know that there is a guy in Tennessee sipping a pumpkin spice latte who is very thankful for you.

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