Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Holy Crap I am stoked!!!

All I can say is that sometime days go from suck to great. I know my last post was a bit of me ranting and that is just par for the Paul course for those of you who know me but like the A-Team "I love it when a plan comes together". Things this weekend here at Relevant were really awesome. We were continuing our series "Confession" which for those of you who do not know about it is a series we designed for the church to confess not people. I think what Donald Miller said in his book Blue Like Jazz really resonated with our creative team. And amazingly we have had our largest crowds ever during this series. Yeah God!! I wonder if our world has been waiting for centuries for the church to just admit that they do not have all of the answers, and sometimes we do talk more than we act, and many times we judge much more than we love, and we have created a sub-culture that is just a bad copy of the real culture that Jesus loved so much and moved in seamlessly.
I can say for me as a leader this has been difficult and freeing at the same time. Because no one like to admit that they are wrong ever. However, when we do this there is an amazing freedom to just be you that is really refreshing. Check out our podcast for more info. Or you can check out the videos at this web site until we get our new and improved video podcast portion of our web site fixed.
Hey I just wanted to give a shout out back to our friend at GCC Rob Wegner for the shout out on his blog yesterday and for the opportunity to show some of our videos at the Innovate conference this year. And for those of you who missed Innovate they are giving it away for free online. Yeah I know crazy because no one will go next year but I am stoked that these guys believe in the local church so much that they want everyone to be able to benefit from the conference for free. So if you missed Innovate this year why not get some of your leaders around a computer and watch the sessions they will rock your world.
Well I gotta go for now. Stay tuned this week because I am going to be talking about the scared church.

Peace out

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