Tuesday, April 17, 2007

weekend reflections

Well this weekend started out to be one of those weeks that in church world we call bomb Sunday. You see this usually happens when to have Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, then people have gone to church two weeks in a row and then everyone takes a weekend off and you are left with bomb Sunday where attendance falls way off. Well this week as we were preparing we also had our local weather guys informing everyone that there was going to be a major storm blow through our area Sunday at exactly 10 am the beginning of our first service. Great I thought.

When I arrived at church it was just as I suspected the rain began to come. Slowly at first then the bottom dropped out. I was informed by our first impressions team that our signs could not be put out because they were just blowing away. So I thought OK God I guess there will just be the precious few today. However, God had other plans. Yes the first service was a little light in the beginning but it filled up nicely and the second service was as full as normal. Yeah God. I guess the guy who controls the weather also, controls his church.

Thanks God for the reminder that this is your church and you will bring the people. We had 17 first time guest on the worst weather day of the year so far. WOW. I hope all of you are having a great weeks.


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777godsgirl said...

I was one of the new people and I loved the service! Cant wait to attend again! "Things begin in prayer and end in power". Diane