Wednesday, October 3, 2007

WOW what a week!!

Well we just returned from Granger Indiana this past Saturday from the Innovate conference. All I can say about that is AMAZING!! Guy Kawasaki was on fire and now I understand that as a church planter it is ok to be crappy. HA HA I guess you would have to be there to get all of that but our team left with so much energy and excitement about what God is doing here in Tampa it was awesome. BTW the peeps at Granger are amazing!! special shout out the Jason Powell and Lindsay Wasik you guys made our stay fabulous. Can't wait to hang out with you guys next year.

So about our time in Granger, well we entered a few of our shorts for the film festival and what do you know we won two out of three categories from the people choice and won best of show for our Real Men of Genius. We were blown away. Special thanks to all of you who voted for us. We now feel like the little church that did not could. One of the things we learned at the Innovate conference is that if you are going to do a conference is that you need to go over the top with care and hospitality and Granger did that better than any other conference I have ever been to in my life. Also, their staff was available before and after the session to talk with whoever wanted to talk. I have never sen that before at any conference. Never stop doing that Granger that is what sets you apart you seem like real people. Well I want to blog about what went on this past Sunday so I will sign off on Innovate.


Anonymous said...

It was great meeting you all and hanging out for a bit. You all are so fun and I'm so excited to watch what God is doing at Relevant. I think big things are in store! Thanks for being a part of Innovate! Also, your videos rocked for the film festival. I love your humor and the way you use it to reach people. Awesome stuff!

Paul Wirth said...

thanks for the encouragement. You guys rock too. Thanks for the b-day comment as well