Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sorry It's been a while

I can not believe that it has been almost a month since I have blogged. There has been so much going on around here. We launched our first night service Sunday June 3. It was awesome!!! We had 73 people attend and over 300 for the full day. Just giving people options I think helps people want to come to church. I am learning more and more that people really want to attend church but their lives are so crazy that they can only show up about once a month. So by adding options you allow people more opportunities to connect with God and others. This is one of our core values so it is really cool when a plan comes together.

Our new EPIC blockbuster series has really be great with several people attending the movie nights each week. This series has been particularly interesting for me because we are dealing with issues that we all deal with. From the first week with Shrek and dealing with the whole idea of not wanting to step up when called upon to Oceans Eleven and the whole idea of revenge. After our service on that Sunday I had a gentleman come up to me and say I really needed that to which I responded normally "thanks I am glad God used it" however, then he continued with his reason and told me that he had been attacked the previous week by 6 people and we all know as humans that revenge is what we want to do when we are violated in that manner. WOW just to think that God knew what was going to happen to that guy on that week and to orchestrate the message is really amazing.

Well this week we are gearing up for "Evan Almighty" and I can tell you that I am really jazzed about this movie because Evan does something completely out of the box. Maybe we need to step out of our box a little more and see what God could do when we did that. Well that is all for now. I promise it will not be so long between my next post. see ya.

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